What metals can be defined as the most durable structural materials? Steel, aluminium, copper, and this property allow them to be used to create elements requiring the handling of items of high importance, such as store shelving.


Using metals, we offer, among others, products such as:
advertisement boards
stand structures
advertising racks
store shelves
building signage
advertising signs

The types of metals we use are:

  • black steel up to 10 mm thick
  • stainless steel up to 5 mm thick
  • aluminum up to 3 mm thick
  • copper

We also offer a range of services related
to metalworking:

  • laser cutting
  • edge bending of steel
  • cutting aluminum profiles
  • powder coating (externally)
  • welding of stainless steel, black steel, aluminum
  • aluminum anodizing (externally)


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