Honeycomb cardboard – dividers

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We specialize in producing lightweight advertising stands made of honeycomb cardboard. This is a self-assembly product.

Honeycomb cardboard can also be used as:

  • filling: doors, boxes, etc.
  • base, pallet sleeves

What is Honeycomb Cardboard?

It is a material created based on kraft paper (i.e., kraft paper made from so-called virgin fiber or waste paper), shaped as a continuous structure of hexagonal holes – this resembles the form of an actual honeycomb, hence the name.

The number of possible uses makes honeycomb cardboard used both as internal and external packaging.

We can also adapt honeycomb cardboard to the customer’s needs. Its use is almost unlimited and depends on imagination and demand.

The honeycomb cardboard is not only suitable for use in many areas but also for reuse.

The above features of the honeycomb cardboard make it able to be used to protect both small and lightweight products, as well as structural elements weighing several tons.


Properties of honeycomb cardboard:
use of PE foil protects against corrosion
high strength
resistance to vertical compression
cheap to transport
can be used for many articles

Our capabilities also include a range of services related to
the processing of honeycomb cardboard:

  • cutting
  • bonding
  • confectioning of racks
  • UV print

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