In the field of UV Printing, we offer mainly:

  • high-quality printing
  • possibility of printing on hard materials (without using intermediate media, such as self-adhesive films)

Printing inks in this technology are hardened on the substrate with light. Thanks to this, we can print both on smooth materials, such as acrylic, glass, PVC, aluminum, and of course paper, as well as on materials with texture or a rough surface – e.g., dibond, wood, artificial leather, carpets, wallpaper, etc.

An additional advantage of this technology is the possibility of printing with white ink. Thanks to this, we can either print the pattern on a dark surface without the background color showing through or, for example, print the background on glass in white.

UV printing – we can print on materials such as:

  • flat surfaces with dimensions of 1250x2500mm up to 48mm thick
  • plastics (acrylic, PS, dibond, PVC)
  • wood-based panels (laminated panels, MDF, plywood)
  • glass prints
  • prints on steel (painted)
  • paper / honeycomb (type of cardboard)

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